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Thread: Thinking of moving back to Alaska

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    If you are looking to be able to get fishing and hunting in close to home and on short evening trips I'd recommend southeast alaska. I do love the kenai peninsula and the river itself but most locations in southeast have at least half decent spring black bear hunting (excluding baranof, chichagof, and admirality) and sitka blacktail oppertunities. Saltwater fishing as well as stream fishing is decent as well, I'm from POW island originally and the fishing and hunting is excellent (saltwater and stream). I live in juneau now and the fishing and hunting is more limited and difficult for the most part but there are still good oppertunities. Fall trips up north for moose/caribou are pretty common for a lot of locals.

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    The Kenai Peninsula is not a sportsman's paradise. On top of that (unless you are a winter person) during the best time of the year you'll be competing with half of Anchorage fleeing the city (can't blame them), so camping/picnic/fishing spots are at a premium or unavailable.
    Kenai and Soldotna are growing, but still have a small town feel. Good people here. But if you're serious about most big game and waterfowl, you'll have to go elsewhere to hunt it. Most serious hunters down here do.

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