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Thread: Alternative dipnetting spots?

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    Default Alternative dipnetting spots?

    I've dipnetted on the north side of the mouths of the Kenai and Kasilof, and I know the south sides are accessible with the right vehicle. Where else is there to go? I've heard mention of "the bridge." Where is that, and is there any other "secret" spots. I won't tell anyone else, I promise...

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    Default Laughable

    To think there's any "secret" dipnetting spots...

    The bridge everyone is speaking of is the Warren Aames bridge. If you head back towards Soldotna head right at the Holiday light and you'll run into the bridge (or rather, drive across it) and you can dip there. It's a decent spot due to the limited parking spaces keeping the crowds down but you always have a current there and sometimes it can be dangerous in spots. If you're looking to avoid crowds, wait to the end of the run (I know I can never do that) or hit the bridge, otherwise you're gonna enjoy the goods along with the rest of us.
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    Default Kenai and Kasilof

    I use to Dipnet there. I sold my dipnet for slow currents.

    I don't dipnet there...kenai and kasilof anymore. I love the visits and camping thought.

    I go to the Copper River. People are just as friendly there too...and there aren't the crowds...its a fast moving you have to watch yourself.


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