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Thread: Packrafting Leasons (Great for Newbies)

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    Default Packrafting Leasons (Great for Newbies)

    I have a hunt coming up this year where I will be using a packraft. Having never been in one before, I thought it a good idea to do some basic training. I took a packrafting class last weekend in Hope. I did the class through Turnagain Kayak out of Hope. My instructor Patrick had me out on a lake the first day working on strokes, edging, and safety protocols (throw ropes and getting back in an overturned raft). Later that day we spent some time hiking up 6 Mile Creek to working on catching eddies and ferrying. The second day we spent doing a couple runs on 6 Mile Creek between the canyons. Most of it was class 1 with a few class 2 sections thrown in. It was an amazing class and I feel VERY comfortable navigating class 1 and 2 rapids after taking it. I would highly recommend those just getting into pack rafting consider taking this class. It was really a game changer and I can't wait to do more pack rafting around the state!

    For anyone interested I believe they have another class this weekend and will be posting a schedule soon for the rest of the sumer.

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