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    Hi all, I am thinking of getting the new Remington 750 Woodsmaster in 35 Whelen for deer and moose and elk. I would appreciate advice on the 35 and on the gun if you have come across one. Thank you -

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    The 35 Whelen cartridge would be excellent for your intended hunting, hardhitting and usually pretty accurate. BUT, I am wondering if Remington has addressed the inconsistent accuracy of the 740-743-7400 series of rifles as well as the feeding problems this particular model has had in the past. The 750 has supposed improvements in the feeding, but I myself would like to know for sure before buying and paying for the gun. I personally would prefer the pump model 7600 which has, for some reason, always been more consistently accurate and reliable. Not positive if it is still chambered in .35 Whelen, but I think so.

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    Default 750 woodsmaster

    I checked out the 750 at a gunshow and it came to the shoulder quite nicely and took quite some effort to put it down. My only concern would be the glacial silt we have here in Alaska that gets in everything especially your guns action. Everything I've heard so far has been positive and it's supposed to be quite accurate, you can check out whelen's northwoods trails ( sorry no address ) as they have a forum dedicated to the 35's and there's quite a bit on there about the 750. Let us know how it works if you get one................................

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    Thumbs up Whelen 35

    Thanks guys, I have heard mostly good about the gun from those who bought one. I am trying to find out all I can, but I think I will make the plunge. I will keep you posted. Regards - Gordy.

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    Default 35 Whelen

    I can't offer an opinion on the particular rifle you're looking at, but the caliber is excellent. With all of the newer and higher powered options out there, the 35 Whelen has been somewhat neglected since Remington introduced it as a standard chambering in the mid-late 80s. I own a Ruger M77 Mk II which has been rebarreled to 35 Whelen, and I am completely comfortable using it on any Alaskan game....including big bears and buffalo. Absolutely adequate for what you intend.


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