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Thread: Kachemak Bay Silvers

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    Default Kachemak Bay Silvers

    I've heard the silvers are stacking up down in the Chugach Pass. Has anyone been catching any north of Point Adams yet?

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    Yeah they are also by Anchor point and straight out from Seldovia. We had them swimming around the boat.
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    i'll be fishing kachmack bay aug 2 and 4.. will the silvers still be around and will it be good silver fishing?

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    Thumbs up jumpers...

    i have seen them all the way to bear cove, but not many can only get better, should be good through mid august at least.
    a few have been caught at the "hole", and i had a good hit 15' down in 50' of water off the spit.
    some have been caught off the high bluff too.
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