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    Just thought if anyone was interested Elmer Keith's personal pre 64 458 win mag is for sale on for a mere 55 grand. The big question my marriage worth 55 grand? I'll sleep on it!

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    Cool Bargain!

    Let me think for a second...yep, it's worth it!


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    like they say: "you can always find another woman, but a deal on a gun may be once in a lifetime" just don't tell the ladies that quote; sleeping with a gun is not really all that great =)
    God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great

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    This past week a Lancaster double rifle in 303, that Elmer also owned, sold for $14,000.00 through Greg Martin guns. This should give a fair idea of what this pre-64 70 is worth. About $5,500.00, maybe. Elmer's son told me if Elmer liked a gun, he never sold it. just got rid of the ones that he didn't want. I was at an auction a few years ago and Bill Jordan's guns were being sold off. His pre-64 70 in 458 brought $1,200.00, his personal carry gun brought a better price, but most of his stuff sold for the going market price at the local gun shop, for the same piece. I sure would not pay $55k for a pre-64 owned by Elmer of J'O'c.

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    I agree!

    Besides 55 grand is about 10 times more than what I can swing!


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