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Thread: Fishing near the Mccarthy Road and around Valdez?

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    Default Fishing near the Mccarthy Road and around Valdez?

    I'm going camping at Matanuska Glacier for a couple days, then somewhere near the Mccarthy Road for a couple days, then the Valdez area for a couple days. I'm pretty sure there isn't any fishing around Matanuska Glacier.

    Any good campsites near the Mccarthy Road where shore fishing for salmon is pretty good right now? I believe there is a campsite near Chitna on the Copper River. I'm not too familiar with that area so I thought I'd ask.

    I plan on doing some pink fishing at Allison Point in Valdez. Anything else in the area?


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    Default Fishing at Klutina River

    I am coming up the first week of August and was told that the Klutina River in Copper Center is good fishing for Reds. If you get there before August 6th leave a post for me and tell me how it is. There is a post about it look it up.

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