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Thread: Snow Free Backpacking Location Ideas

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    Default Snow Free Backpacking Location Ideas

    I'm looking for suggestions on places to do overnight or multi-day backpacking trips that are currently free of snow. I'd like to be able to go 8 to 10 miles, preferably with at least some elevation gain, but all the trails I can think of close to anchorage are likely to still have quite a bit of snow. I've camped along the crow pass trail on the nature center side multiple times and it gets old quick.

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    Bear Creek Trail

    Gull Rock Trail

    Hope Point Trail (will likely get into snow)

    You could go up "Hope Point" Trail, and if there is snow up there, come back and finish the day at the end of Gull Rock Trail. They both use the same parking area.

    Or.......go back Bear Creek and out one day. Camp free (only this weekend) at Porcupine that night, then do Gull Rock in & out the next day. Nice "Un-improved" camp area at end of Gull Rock Trail.


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