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Thread: Yukon River Shuttle?

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    Default Yukon River Shuttle?

    I know this has been posted here before, but the last post was from 2009 so Iím asking again.

    Looking to float the Yukon from Eagle to Circle (or Dawson City to Circle if possible). We will have rafts so motoring upstream is not an option (and neither is flying gear back to Eagle). We know about the flight options from a Circle to Eagle but Iím wondering if anyone has any suggestions to avoid the long shuttle drive.

    Also wondering if anyone has done Dawson City to Circle and if so, do they have recommendations on how to run the shuttle?


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    Great River Aviation in Dawson has 206 ( I think..) and an Islander, maybe get them to pick you up in Circle?
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    I know people who took a heave duty trailer and put a small car on it with all the raft stuff. They dropped the raft in eagle and then drove to circle and dropped the truck and trailer. Then drove in the car back to eagle. If you had a small motorcycle that you could put on your raft then you wouldnít have to make the drive back to circle. It would be a one way trip for the 2nd shuttle.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Will pass on putting a motorcycle on the raft but will look into Grant Aviation.

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    According to the map on my phone Eagle to Circle by road is 524 miles. Wow. My friend did this trip a few years ago. He drove to Eagle in his pickup. Then flew me up there via a friend to drive the pickup back to town. Then a few days later someone else drove the pickup to Circle for him.


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