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    I'll be fishing out of seward, russian, kenai and homer july31-aug 6th.. should i invest in a king tag or there's pretty much no chance of catching a keeper king that's edible?

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    It is possible that you could catch a feeder king in the saltwater out of either Seward or Homer. Are you going to be doing any saltwater trolling for silvers? If not, I wouldn't bother with the king tag. It'll be too late for freshwater kings. (Well...the 31st on the Kenai might be worth a shot, but that's the last day Kenai kings are legal.)

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    I would not buy a king tag,unless you have money running out of your pockets......not many kings caught that time of the year...

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    Default July 31 Kings

    I must respectfully disagree with Sheep man. The last day of July has been the absolutely best day of legal king fishing for the last 3 years!!! Indeed, the first week of August provides excellent incidental king catches while fishing for silvers on the Kenai...

    Nevertheless, you will have great difficulty finding a guide. So, if you don't have a boat or friends with a boat, unless you can lock a guide in... don't spend the $$ for a king stamp.

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    Thumbs up Kenai

    The Kenai River would be your best bet on the 31- and should be very good fishing.


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