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Thread: Portage Creek May 11

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    Default Portage Creek May 11

    I floated Portage Creek today with 2 other guys....2 kayaks and 1 packraft. It was mostly a scout for a raft trip this weekend. I was expecting low water due to the cool weather, but it is full and fast. The water is into the willows along the banks. We put in about 1/2 mile below the first tunnel and just below the boulder garden. There is plenty of water through the the boulder garden to allow a put in underneath the bridge for a slightly longer float if one wants. There were no hidden hazards today and the wood that was present was easy to avoid. We opted to avoid the last mile and took out upstream of the Seward Hwy for about a 30 minute trip.

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    Floated the creek again on Sun, May 13, and water had dropped almost 4ft. At the same put in we had to drag raft and kayaks quite a ways through rocks to get to clear water. The rapids at the start were almost none existent compared to the float just 2 days prior. Had to navigate carefully to not get hung up. At the same take out the bank was steep. Brother in law found out how quickly the bank drops off, he got a little wet. We floated in 13ft raft and 2 kayaks.


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