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    I was given an electric Masterbuilt smoker. It throws a code ErrF that the company said it the meat probe and they are sending a new one.
    But from my research about these smokers their Chinese electronics are crap and I should expect more problems. I like the smoker so can I gut the current electronics hard wire into the heating element like a Little Chief and go from there?
    Or use a hot plate and a pan inside. Modern hot plates will shut off if temperatures go too high and I've read that some people cut the bottom out of their smoker to get the element inside but keep the body outside to stay cool.
    Any and all suggestions welcomed.
    Thank you

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    The nice thing about these kinds of smokers, (I have a Char-Broil) is that they are insulated so well. I've actually smoked outside in below freezing conditions without a hitch. So yes, if your meat probe doesn't do the trick and/or you just still have more problems, I would just put a new aftermarket element in and call it good. I don't think I'd go as far as to cut out the whole bottom though. Just cut the plug off, drill a small hole big enough to run the wire through, and rewire a new plug?
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