Just a heads up about Northwest Aviation up here in Kotzebue.

As many of you know we have had a serious shortage of off strip flight services up here in Kotz for the past 3 years. When Jim Rood decided to stop flying that took 3 good planes out of the mix and made it a lot tougher to get a backcountry drop. I have been working most of my clients in with Eric Sieh, Buck Maxon and Lee Sea Air up in Kiana. All of these guys are the best and know the region well.

Well as of last week Northwest Aviation is up and running again with a 206 on wheels. The new owner is Jim Kincaid and he flew with the previous owner, Jim Rood for many years. I do not have any experience with Jim Kincaid but all of the local guys up here tell me that he is good, safe and reliable. I will begin to work with Jim soon and I am hopeful that we will have a new flight service up here that all of you will feel comfortable using.

Jim is currently taking bookings and does have open spots for the 07 hunting season and can be reached at 442-3525 and 442-8692. Give him a call if you still looking for a drop hunt this fall.

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