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Thread: Help with getting one of the 38. life list.

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    Default Help with getting one of the 38. life list.

    Hello, my wife and I are going to be in Valdez the beginning of Sept. We are renting a boat to due some salmon, and lingcod fishing while we are there. What I really would like to do is to get one of the few birds I need to get on my life list. I have 4 more to get. I have done all of it on DIY hunts. I got a King several years ago on another trip, so the one I'm looking for now is a Barrows Goldeneye. The sacrifice I make because it is all DIY is that they don't need to be in their late winter plume. So if you have a location in mind where they like to hang out in the early part of the season around Valdez, I would appreciate it if you could PM me some pointers as to where I might find one. Thanks to all.

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    i dont think you will be able to send or receive PM's until you have 10 posts or something like that. I would use the search function to try to look for any past information. I generally dont see to much about valdez on here though. I have not hunted that area but just by looking at google earth i would try around shoup bay, sawmill bay or jack bay. Try to get on one of the distinct points in the bays. We usually look for freshwater streams that are dumping into the ocean and set up around them. You will have to figure out a way to deal with the tide. i like hunting incoming tides because i have a big bungee cord on my anchor along with the rope. beach the boat and stretch that bungee all the way up the beach as you can and as the tide comes in the bungee will pull your boat up. Generally only have to move the anchor 3 times or so as it comes in.
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    I hunt on the Whittier side of the sound but don't start ocean hunting that early in the season. It seems like the Goldeneyes and Harlequins don't show up in large numbers until the inland freshwater freezes up. There are definitely a few around in September though. Watch the wind and tides. Best to hunt on the incoming tide so you don't go high and dry. On calm days they will be very spread out. On a windy day set up in a calm spot that is a rocky point. In or at the entrance to a small bay or cove seems best. The birds definitely have their preferences as to where they like to fly and hang out in PWS, but you can pattern them pretty easily and quickly.

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    Thanks, I only need one drake. So hopefully I can happen along on one.


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