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Thread: Silvers Are Showing in Seward

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    Default Silvers Are Showing in Seward

    I spoke with 5 different charters today and all are doing 1/2 days to Pony Cove & Chevel Is. Should be good for the holiday weekend.

    Has anyone done any shrimping out past Aialik Point? Just curious how this new fishery was doing.
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    Default shrimping

    It's not legal to shrimp anywhere near Seward, Resurrection Bay, etc.

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    Default New Shrimp Fishery

    F&G opened areas west of Aialik for shrimping. Might want to give them a call if you still don't believe.

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    Default I called

    Well I'll be dam*ed. Called F&G and they said that they just got the permits it. Good question about if/where there's shrimp that way. Unlike Prince William Sound, they are requring that you get a permit to shrimp where you're talking about. If you go, you might let us know how it worked out for you.


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