Hey Guys,
I was wondering/hoping someone may be able to give me some insight into taking a canoe across the Tangle Lakes and down the Delta to the Richardson. I've never done the trip but from researching it it's definitely doable. I was wondering about a couple aspects though. We'll be doing it during the last week of August.
1- I've never hunted Unit 13 for caribou so is this timeframe a decent one for this area of it?
2- Trying to get away from the crowds is a major factor in this so I was wondering what the motorized access was like back into this area. We'll be paddling and walking obviously, just don't know if it's accessible by others on their machines.
3- Does anyone know of a shuttle service that will bring our rig to the pullout for us?

Any advise or tips any of you would be willing to share, even beyond the above questions, would be greatly appreciated.