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    hello everyone I was just curious if anyone has ever hunted the smaller creeks and rivers up north like the kuparuk or toolik. havent been up there in a few years and plan to use my grumman with a lift and 91/2 hsp with a rock hopper, to get out past the five mile cooridor,

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    i posted this message for you on the wrong thread, makes a little more sense now:

    sounds like you bought a lemon!!!! quit being lazy and walk the five miles in, or better yet hunt with bow and leave you piece of @#%$ canoe at home!!!!

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    I've heard it's possible to float but I'm not so sure about the water levels for motor use back upstream. I've been considering the Pro-pioneer inflatable canoe to float it but then like little weasel said it might just be easier to hike it and deffinately alot cheaper. Well maybe not easier but less hassle!!

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    Everyone has personel ideas of what makes for a great trip. for many years I have enjoyed getting on little creeks and streams in kayaks and or canoes.
    Sometimes its fun just to see if you can pull it off.
    some you win,,, and for me, it seems some you don't win, but you gotta try..
    I did a trip once in a little stream no wider than 5 feet wide. I was in that stream for 5 hours and as the crow flies made only about 2
    it was just one of those little horseshoe creeks that was littered with beaver dams and willow/ Alders....
    I crawled out of that stream finally to get some vantage point, and spooked a nice bull moose that had been hanging out in that dense jungle..
    Once in a while an old blind pig like me finds and acorn....
    this was one of those times...
    If you can dream it up.... plan as much as you can,, and do it...
    you will find yourself alone most of the time,, and sometimes that is where the game
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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    The Kuparuk is a one way trip. Lots of rocks and ledges in the 1st 10 miles or so, and you need to arrange for an airplane to pick you up.

    An inflatable is the way to go. Beware--lots of bears on the middle and lower Kuparuk.


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