World-renowned wilderness trainer, Nate Ostis, will be in Anchorage this July to teach two River Rescue Technician courses. He is the wilderness rescue instructor for NOLS and has taught these classes internationally. He instructs Search and Rescue teams, Fire Departments, Commercial River Professionals, College Outdoor Programs, Military and Law Enforcement, and many more across several states.

Curriculum includes:

● River Rescue Principles: Risk Management & Prevention, Hydrology & Hazards
● Video Analysis: Incident reviews of rescue departments responding to real calls
● Knot Tying: Focus on rescue family of knots, hitches and bends for rope and webbing
● Swimming: Swiftwater Entries, Aggressive & Defensive techniques, Strainer Encounters
● Throw bags: Underhand, Overhand, Coil Tosses, Belay Techniques
● Shallow Water Crossings: Wading Techniques to effectively traverse the riverbed bottom
● Contact Rescues: Tethered Rescue Swims (Live Bait), Spinal Precautions, & Combative Patients
● Managing Entrapment: Two-shore vs. One-shore. Heads-up vs. Heads-down
● Anchors: Load Sharing vs. Load Distributing
● Mechanical Advantage: 3:1, 5:1, 9:1, Pig Rigs, Vectors, Tension Diagonals, Rope ferries, etc.
● Scenarios: Practical hands-on scenarios

Class is three days and includes both classroom and field work.

Two date choices: Fri-Sat, July 13-15 or Tues-Thurs, July 17-19
Cost: $310
Location: BP Energy Center in Anchorage and on the water on Eagle River

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