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Thread: Another new riverboat operator with a ?

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    Default Another new riverboat operator with a ?

    I had my "new" boat in the water, maybe 5 minutes up river...hit a sandbar. It picked up several rocks in the...screen/grate/shield...thing. Dug the rocks out with a screwdriver, pushed off, cranked and blowing water. However, the waterpump outlet (little hole peeing out the back) has no flow. We took the cowl off and the hose was clogged up right at the outlet. We pinched it out and got that spot pretty clean, but now the water is just a trickle. It is stopped up somewhere else, but aint for sure how to get it cleaned out. I pulled the hose off and blew in the end of it, but it is pretty stopped up. I have a compressor, but not a fitting for the end. That is my next step, but I'm not sure after that...

    Any directions or advise for another new guy would be appreciated.


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    Take a small screwdriver and pop the little spray nozzle off. Clean the orifice. If it is full of sand, start the motor for a few seconds to attempt to blow any sand out. If still no flow, shut down engine, use a water bottle, fill it with water. Place it over the hole and squeeze a couple bottles to break up the sand deposits. Try to start motor again. If you cannot get good spray then you may have a larger obstruction and have to get a tow home.


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    cool, thanks dirt! I would have never considered a water bottle...add that to my misfit tool bag.

    The air compressor worked good. Gave the sand a day to dry and hit it with the air, opened right up. Connected to the waterhose and it squirted perfect again...problem fixed.

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    Default air

    Get one of those small compressed air cans used for cleaning computers. It comes with a small plastic tube and it will fit in the p-tube. Keep it in your kit for on-river use to blow out debris.

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    Default Some other things that work

    I keep a piece of wire with me and jam it up the pee hole. That'll move some of the pieces around and you'll see them come out. Most of my clogs are easily removed this way.

    I had a problem where I'd clean it and it would flow free and then clog immediately. Could tell the dirt really thick somewhere in the motor just but would keep clogging at the pee hole just as soon as a bigger chunk passed through. What I ended up doing was to take the cowling off and disconnect the tube at pee hole. Stick the front of the boat into a cutbank and give it the gas. All those chunks that would clog at the pee hole passed freely through. Be careful when you're doing this. I was concerned about getting caught up in the motor.

    It worked great.

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    Default this is what i done

    i just took the plastic end off the hose and ran the hose out the cowling and put a tie wrap on it so it won't go back into the cowling. pumps a little bit more water, and has never pluged up again.


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