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Thread: hual road caribou

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    Default hual road caribou

    i appreciate all the information yall have given me about the hual road caribou, and from all the maps i have looked at it seems i will have no problem with water. but the question does come to mind, do i need to pack water or can i take my water bottle with the filter and just use it? i figure i need to be as light as posible going in 5 miles to hunt. can anyone help me with this, is there plenty of water sources out there or do i need to bring water?

    thanks agian

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    Default Take the filter

    In my experience with this hunt, pack as light as possible if you are walking in. I took a water filter was very happy I didn't decide to pack water in. I took a colapsable water jug, and filed it with water that I had filtered in the field. Then when I went out to hunt, I filled my camel back with that water and never had a problem. I think the water filter is the way to go on that hunt. Bring a spare filter however, just in case it gets clogged. Anyway have fun on your hunt!


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