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Thread: June Fly-in fishing from Anchorage

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    Default June Fly-in fishing from Anchorage

    looking for recommendations for a one day fly-in trip from Anchorage 3rd week of June for wife and myself (spin fishing) Scenery is a top priority as is catching #s of fish as opposed to a few bigger fish. Looking for flight service, species of fish to target, etc

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    Most all of them are pretty good and reputable if you're just looking for some fish and scenerie...
    Regal Air, Willow Air, Denali Air, Rusts Flying service, K2 Air, etc.. are Anch/valley based. I'm sure there are many others..
    Does it have too be from Anchorage? Can it be from the K. Peninsula? Lots more flying outfits down there as well.
    At the first week of February, I booked mine with a Soldotna outfit for a July flight out. Their summer was almost all booked up already.
    They'll start going quick for the prime dates. Beat up Google and various other websites and you'll no doubt find somebody. Best of luck..

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    thanks for your response. I'll check with a couple of the other flying services


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