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Thread: Tonsina Creek info needed

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    I will be hiking out to tonsina creek around aug 6, i know i can't fish the creek but would like any info on fishing out if front of it, and what i can expect... thanks

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    fished there last year during the first week oF Aug. It was loaded with pinks(even year) and some chum. You must cast into salt water. there is a nice flat point there on the left side of the creek. Water is shallow, so long casts are the rule. If you go down the bank to the left some more there is deeper water in a small cove and fish were packed in there.
    It is a beautiful spot and rarely more than one or two others fishing.
    If the salmon are in the stream there will be bears but we saw only blacks.
    you can snag in the salt water , but I prefer to hook fish that hit ,so i use a #3 vibrax in chartruese with the treble replaced with a single hook.


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