Now they need to but a bounty on Brown Bears on the "Upper Kenai Peninsula".

One thing they should consider is open Baiting of Bears on March 15'th on the Kenai Peninsula. The "Big" male Brown Bears are out roughly three weeks before the bulk of other bears. The big, BIG brown bears cross my yard and/or the powerline around March 18 to 21st. About mid April the other bears are in the yard. The big, BIG brown bears just come straight down the mountain, while the others hangout up higher, sometimes for weeks.

My theory is that the big, BIG brown bears are so much taller walking on all four feet, and they are comfortable plowing/bobbing through five or six foot deep snow, because they can see. The smaller bears can't see in that deep snow. Which is why I see them make several loops down hill, only to abort and return to hanging out near the den area.

Those big, BIG brown bears come through, then I don't see them or their tracks for about four months, if ever again that same year.