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Thread: Looking for holster for S&W 44mag

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    Default Looking for holster for S&W 44mag

    I am looking for a chest holster for a S&W 44 Mag revolver with a 4" barrel. I saw a guy with one that puts the gun across your chest at a 45 degree angle and has a place for two speed loaders. The gun shops that i've been to say that they no longer make them. Any ideas?

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    Is this what you're looking for?

    Rayco Sales in Juneau has loads of shoulder holdsters new and used
    8371 Old Dairy Rd, Juneau, 99801 - (907) 789-4862
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    Default chest holster

    Check out the holsters these guys make:

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    I have the Alaska Sportsmans holster and I love it. Its very comfortable and out of the way, but its still easy to reach. Hip holsters would always pull my pants down. :-0

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    Default survival sheath systems

    I have a survival sheath systems for my 4" 629. Easily the best feild carry hoster every in my opinion. You can get them direct thru his website.

    I have showed this setup to several people and am realy impressed with it.

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    Default Alaska Sportsman chest holsters

    The Alaska Sportsman nylon chest holsters are alive and well. I've seen them, and for the 4" Smith, with speedloader holders at Great Northern Guns in Anchorage.


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