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Thread: Stone Glacier Talus 6900 or Sky Guide 7900

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    Default Stone Glacier Talus 6900 or Sky Guide 7900

    I'm not sure if any of you have had the 7900 in the field yet, as I believe it just came out, but are any of you running the 6900?

    I'm in the market for a new pack (I have a Kuiu Ultra 6000 for sale if anyone is interested- shameless plug, I know.), and have been looking at everything out there. From the Seek Outside Brooks 7400, EXO 5500, to the Stone Glaciers. I'm leaning more towards the SG's, as I really like the layout of them.

    Any experience or suggestions is greatly appreciated, as I'm looking for a pack that can keep me out there for a very extended period of time if necessary.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have the Sky 5900 with the cap and I really like it alot. Very versatile, as long as you get the belt right and the frame you want the bags can be changed out. Plus, some of the best customer service I have ever had.

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    Hopefully not too late for your post. I have the talus and love it. It is spendy, and I ended up buying an extra interior pocket along with the 2 belt pockets and gun sling. So really closer to 850-900 for the pack with all the accessories....but it is a phenomenal pack and should have it a long time. compresses very small, and if needed for a longer trip, very large! Once you get the frame fit to you, it is a bomber pack!

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    I may be a bit late to the party as well, and I don't have either of the two SG packs that you're looking at, but I do own several different SG packs and I would suggest buying the 7900. They both cinch down to nothing when empty and there's not very much difference in wt. between the two, but if you need the extra 1000 ci, you'll be glad you got the 7900.


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