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    Hi all,

    So I wasn't smart enough to post here and posted in the general hunting category first.

    Anyways been shooting my bow on and off now for about 3 years. Felt I was good enough to hunt with it now. I drew DM922 and am pretty excited. Looking to take a raft probably like a pro pioneer and go upstream if possible on one of the waterways (slowest) or closest to the mountains and do some calling. I am familiar with the area by road but that's it. I have driven through there a bunch as I am into photography pretty heavy. Any advice you guys have or tips would be great. I originally wanted to take my John boat up with a tunnel hull but from what I am hearing that may be a tough order to do with the smaller rivers and can openers

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    I would think that accessing the pipeline right-of-way would be easier. The grass and brose created from the maintenance of that provides a food source for the moose. As far as the archery, I like to practice on paper targets as full size 3-d's are expensive. Tru-Life makes them and you can paste them on cardboard so they last longer. Unfortunately they don't make a moose so I order the elk and use them. As long as you get the idea of holding onto a spot you'll do fine on a moose. I'd also use a cut-on-impact broadhead like a NAP Hellrazer or Magnus Stainless steel snuffer. I have only shot one with the bow but the NAP blew completely thru and went 20 yards behind. I drew 786 so will be trying for a moose with the bow again this fall. This is a Tru-Life elk target. I forgot, Duramesh does make the moose targets.

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