We caught Hems charter on Tuesday morning. We were in the 3rd boat of folks out. We started dipping at around 7:00. We told Hem we had never dipnetted before, and he showed us the deal. We were dropped off on the trail side. The dipping started off so crazy we had to stop dipping and get out the scissors, stringers and fillet knife. We had 10 fish in the first five minutes of dipping. The dipping progressively slowed throughout the day. We ended up with 66 fish of wich two were kings. We stopped dipping at around 3:00. I knew the large task of filleting 66 fish was not going to be fun. We had a great time overall.
I did talk to a few people who rode wheelers in, and we had a guy walk down the hill to our dipping spot. All of the wheeler guys said the road was very passable, just go slow.
I give Hem's charters a big thumbs up. Excellent service.