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Thread: Noon February 16th

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    Quote Originally Posted by .338 mag. View Post
    All of you "cheechako whippersnappers" are going to think the draw is rigged when my wife and me hit the draw big time this year. We have been praying hard since the results of last years draw came in and this year we are optimistic.

    Me and my wife are going to win a bison, moose and caribou draw permit. We will need help skinning and packing. I can't wait, so don't be jealous or hate on us guys.

    This is our big year, the year of the old Alaskan "geezer and wheezier"! I better practice my shooting.
    Well, I don't see you jumpin' up and down screamin' I told ya so yet...???!!!
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERDucker View Post
    There is one out there that mentions several of the members here...
    Awe the chosen ones of AOD I think only one posts here regularly. The others (sniff sniff) abandoned us for rok slide where the lower 48 boys can give them the oooh and awe they rightfully deserve!

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