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Thread: AV gas thefts at Birchwood / SE ramp

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    Angry AV gas thefts at Birchwood / SE ramp

    Heads up / warning to all - there have been active gas thieves at PABV.
    My airplane had gas stolen and the gas cap was incorrectly reattached recently. I didn't notice during my routine checks, until I actually pulled my wing covers. The thieves had undone several wing cover bungees to get to the gas caps, and then reattached them when they were done, so it was fairly unnoticeable during a quick drive-by look over.
    I just talked to another airplane owner parked nearby who found his caps had been messed with recently. Same thing; they had to undo wing covers to get to the caps.
    i'm posting this as a heads up and safety warning to the other owners, and I'll copy this post to some other sites. Think maybe it's time for the gates to be locked and set up a electronic pass like the shooting range and the parking at Merrill Field. I'd rather the state spend money on that, than a ramp surface reconstruction!
    I'd also like to find the thieves and get them a 36 hour soak in the center of Knik Arm. 😡

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    Lots of this stuff going on. Even a couple photos of some dudes in a white extended cab truck. Very sad state of affairs in the Eagle River area, crime seems crazy lately.

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