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Thread: Camping near/in Valdez

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    Question Camping near/in Valdez

    I will be fishing out of the small boat harbor in Valdez in August and am looking for a nice campground that isn't all RVs where I can tent camp. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. This is not a family trip so amenities are not entirely necessary.

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    About 20 or 25 miles before you reach Valdez there is a beautiful little campground called Blueberry Lake. It may be too far out for you but it sure is a pretty spot. The lake has some stocker rainbows in it that are usually cooperative. I think the fee was $8.00 for a site. I don't like camping in the parking lot commercial campgrounds either and this place isn't crowded either.

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    Having lived in Valdez for years I can point you to sites you won't see another soul. 1 1/2 mile behind the ball fields are a series of dirt roads that lead to the mouth of Lowe the end go left...there is a very small 4x4 trail along the river...primitive camping tho as you're on your own. Good Dolly fishing too!

    Glacier campground past the airport has a nice campground. In town, consider going back Mineral Creek over the bridge...plenty of woods to camp in there or down river to the left past the bridge.

    Good luck!

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    Question Thanks for the ideas?

    Thanks for the suggestions I might try all of them. I would like to catch some dollies--any tips on catching them?

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    Default Lowe

    Lowe River has them but wrong time of the year. The glacial run off has the river pretty muddy and flooded. Late fall on to early spring is the best there.

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    We camped out in Shoup Bay last year and I can tell you first hand that this is the coolest place that I have ever camped at. Shoup Bay is the first bay on the right where the glacier is. You can drive a small boat into the glacier lake at high tide or get dropped off in the outter bay. It is a State campground, but it is very primitive. Just google Shoup Bay and you will find more info. I can't wait to go back next month.

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    Stayed at Valdez Glacier campground two nights ago. It's a couple miles out of town. Very nice campground with plenty of spots. We were going to tent at Allison Point, but there isn't much room there. Fishing for pinks near the point was lots of fun... such a ridiculous amount of fish there... you could drop a lure in the water right in front of you and pull one out.


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