I have a small colony of dermestid beetles that I use for my own and my friend's bear skulls and other european mounts. The colony has grown to a decent size and I am looking for people that have or need skull cleaning done. I can degrease and whiten skulls also for an added price. I'm not starting a business and not looking to make money, just want to be compensated for my time, materials, and keep my colony fed. I'm also not trying to steal business from Max at AK beetle farm. I still take some of my stuff to him, and he does a fantastic job. But I know he is busier than ever and has a long turn around time on projects. I'm doing this mostly so I don't have to buy hot dogs to feed my bugs!

Skulls that are already debulked (brains, eyeballs, and other thick meat removed) can be done quickly and easily.

$50-$100 for just beetle cleaning (depending on skull size and condition)
$50-$100 for degreasing and whitening ($50 for beaver, fox, coyote, and other small game)

I prefer to do sheep, goats, wolves, coyotes, bears, wolverine, deer, and other manageable sized game. During the summer I may to able to accommodate couple moose and caribou. All prices are negotiable depending on situation.