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Thread: Size differences on Alaska Grouse and Ptarmigan

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    I think ADF&G determined a few years back that the grouse in SE are "sooty" grouse. In fact they don't even list "blues" anymore. I asked that same question awhile back and looked this info up.
    Yeah, I knew when I wrote that odds are the splitting of blues into dusky and sooty grouse would come up. For some reason I just can't ever seem to keep it straight without having to go look it up which areas where the blues are now called "dusky" and where they are "sooty"

    Now I'm really jonesin' for grouse fajitas.

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    Always called Blue grouse "Hooters". I would get strange looks from people who didn't hunt when I called them that.

    I think Blues (sooty/Hooter) taste the best.

    my least favorite is spruce grouse. I tend to slice them thinly then stir fry them.

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    A couple nice sharp-tails from this weekend.

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