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Thread: Fishing in NW Alaska

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    Default Fishing in NW Alaska

    Hi guys:

    I have gotten a lot of questions from fisherman asking about what kinds of fishing opportunities there are up in NW Alaska. Most guys only make it up here for hunting season and only drop a fishing line after all of the good hunting is finished.

    Because of the sheer size of GM unit 23 we have so many rivers that see al most no fishing pressure very few of us will ever come to know what is really up here and how hot the fishing is. We donít have all 5 species of salmon so lots of people do not make their way up but we do have the finest Char, Grayling, Pike and Shee Fish in the state.

    I am attaching some resent photos of char taken by some of my clients and myself from the drainages in the Noatak National Park/Preserve and Kobuk Valley National Park. There is also a neat photo of a large Lake Trout that I took up in the Kallarichuk River (Kobuk Valley National Park)

    Look us up at for the updated photo page that will be up in the next week or so.

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    Nice fish, beautiful weather, no combat line ups. Does not get much better than that.

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    Great pictures
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