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Thread: Seward this coming weekend

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    Default Seward this coming weekend

    I'm heading to Seward this weekend with some not so hardcore fishermen/women. I'm not overly experienced with Seward, especially this time of year. Just wondering what some recommendations would be to get these folks into some fish. We are rigged up with a good boat (22' Aurora hard top) and have all the gear for rockfish,salmon, and halibut. Can anyone give me some advice? We will be there from Thurs-Sunday.

    Also, is there anywhere to drop shrimp pots along the way?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I was in Seward on Saturday and caught a 90# Halibut in Marys Bay at Rugged Island. We were fishing the right hand side as you go in. There was another boat trolling the same area and pulling out Silvers. We have done good on Silvers in the past West across the main bay and around the West side of those islands on Sea Bass. Didn't get a chance to try it this time but maybe we will this coming weekend. Hope to head down Saturday morning early.


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    Mud - I'm not much help in the fish department around Seward, but I thought I'd point out that shrimping is not legal in Resurrection Bay. You'll need to go out of Whittier to get into shrimp.



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