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Thread: Cost effective shipping of gear

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    Question Cost effective shipping of gear

    Will be coming up for first caribou hunt in Sept and wanting to ship some of our gear ahead. Any recommendations in addition to UPS that would be cost effective?

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    I use to compare prices of the main shippers to Alaska. I shipped three boxes of stuff to Anchorage from Spokane for a float trip down the Gulkana River a few weeks ago. I was susprised that the US Post Office was the best deal. The keys are; less than 50 pounds per box, not too long (one peice fishing rods are not a good idea), and give yourself a couple weeks shipping time. No restricted items such as bear spray or mace. If you need it buy it after you arrive in Alaska. I would take my rifle with me as checked baggage on the plane, just make sure your rifle case is airline approved. It's a good idea to call your air carrier prior to the flight and review what's required of you when checking guns and ammo on their airline. Write down their name and when you called, it just may be invaluable when checking in at the airport. Good Luck



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