We just received this info directly from Swarovski on their Warranty Policy. This is exactly how their warranty reads. I know there has been lots of confusion as to their warranty policy so I thought I would post a copy here to help clear up that confusion. If anyone has any questions about this please feel free to contact us.

Swarovski Limited Lifetime Warranty
Thank you for purchasing this instrument and welcome to the world of Swarovski Optik. Since our founding in 1949, the Swarovski community has been
committed to providing an ownership experience, which includes our legendary service that is second to none. We sincerely believe that our optics are the best
in the world and put them through rigorous tests to ensure that the name you trust is built to the highest standards. But in the unlikely event that you discover a
problem in defects in workmanship or materials, we’ll gladly examine the instrument. Swarovski Optik offers a lifetime warranty on the optical system of our
products for products purchased by US residents from an authorized Swarovski Optik North American dealer. Once examined, if it is determined that the optical
system is defective we will repair or replace the instrument or defective part. Swarovski Optik warrants all other parts of the instrument for ten years from date
of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship, subject to normal use. All electronic components are warranted for two years against defects in
materials and workmanship, subject to normal use, from date of purchase. All non-optical products (i.e. accessories, tripods etc.) are warranted for one year
from date of purchase. This warranty is void if damage results from unauthorized repairs, accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, neglect, fire, flood or other acts
of God. If after the warranty period your instrument needs servicing please call customer service at (800) 426-3089. At Swarovski, we are totally committed to
our customer, products and service. Once you have had the pleasure of owning and using our products, we are sure they will become your trusted companions
for life.
“Any Swarovski Optik product that is purchased in the U.S. that is not imported by Swarovski Optik North America and not sold to a consumer by an Authorized
U.S. Swarovski Optik North America Dealer has no Authorized Warranty.”
In the event of a defect, please call customer assistance at (800) 426-3089 to obtain a Service Order Number (SO), which will be used to identify your warranty
request through its completion. When you call, our customer service representative will give you instructions as to where to send or take the product for service.
Whenever you send or take your product to us, please enclose your name, shipping address, daytime phone number, a brief description of the problem, and a
copy of the receipt from an authorized U.S. Swarovski Optik North America dealer. Please write the Service Order Number on the enclosure and on the outside
of any packaging. We will determine, at our option, whether to repair or replace the instrument. If the instrument is not covered under the warranty, we will contact
you with an estimate of the repair price. Any correspondence should be sent to:
Swarovski Optik N.A. Ltd. • 2 Slater Road • Cranston, RI 02920 or warrantyrepair@swarovskioptik.at
Please do not send us your instrument until we have issued a Service Order Number and instructed you to do so. If you are instructed to return the instrument
to us, you are responsible for properly packaging your instrument. You are responsible for insuring the package and assume the risk of loss in transit to us,
unless we arrange for transport.