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Thread: Ruger #1 cartridge swap?

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    Default Ruger #1 cartridge swap?

    Can a Ruger #1 be set up for a new cartridge by swapping the barrel and extractor? What are the limitations .223-.416+ in the same rifle?

    I would like to buy a stainless action and go from there, so I guess what I am asking is whether I need a specific action or will any stainless action do? (I do not know what I want to chamber it for yet)
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    They have only one No. 1 action. Different barrels and as you say different extractor. The barrel face will need to be milled if changing from a rimless to a rimmed case. but a good smith could handle it. I wouldn't consider it a home shop job.

    I want a switch barrel No. 1 that has the extractor for all the Nitro Express calibers. This would be a cheap way for me to test loads for these big ones. We could also do this for the many calibers on the 45-70 brass. 33 WCH, 38-56, 40-65, etc and even for the longer versions such as 40-82, 45-90, 45-100, etc. Hmmm. I wonder who could do this?
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    What makes a switch barrel #1 harder to do is the quarter rib. The rib and locating dowels have to be removed before the barrel is removed. The mainspring-ejector-fore end hanger is too close to the barrel. If you had a receiver sight or an open sight forward of the hanger and no quarter rib, it would be much easier.


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    I guess I'm a little tired this morning and don't get it. Once the barrel is indexed, read that as lined up with the witness mark you will stamp in the barrel frame. You will then install the rib? Why? Why not just drill and tap for bases. Take the bases on and off when you switch. Nothing in the way, one set of bases per barrel, different heights for different barrel dia. K I S S rules apply!


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