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    will any experinced dipnetters please tell me whats going on, I KNOW THIS IS THE WRONG SPOT, but we're trying to make a decision of going tomorow or not. Any ideas if the big push has hit today or will hit tomorow? anybody know of any possible commerical openings? i need anything, sorry

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    There were not any commercial openings today which means there very well could be one announced any time now for tomorrow. Keep checking the comm fish announcements link. However, there could be fish that have made it in close enough to the river that not even a commercial opening now would get them meaning they would make it into the river. So tonights tide could bring in fish but you can never be sure, it is always a guess to some degree. It is anyones guess at this point whether they show up tonight, tomorrow, or even later in the week. You could just be ready to move on a moments notice and when you hear that fish are in the river go. My pickup is packed and ready waiting for any reports of fish in the river. Hope that helps some.

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    Default Updated Kenai report: 7/17

    Based on two reports I've received today, dipping is still slow. If you're looking to take tomorrow off and go, good luck, but probably next Wednesday you'll be hearing about the 50,000+ that went up stream that day. I think anyone who can wait until next week to go will have a greater chance for fish, even with the plus and minus tides going away. I mean, the fish have to come some time, and if the run's near as strong as they're calling for, there should be a number of 35,000+ days.

    One buddy and his son have been dipnetting the north side of the river from the bank, yesterday and today. He called to report that they are getting skunked. They tried from two hours before to two after the high tide, and only picked up a few fish. This is as of noon today, when he called.

    Another friend called about an hour ago (2:00 p.m.). They dipped from a boat and only got three fish in four hours yesterday. They spent the night there and didn't dip this morning, but he said he watched several boats near the line get into some reds pretty furious for about 15 minutes this morning, then it died down to nothing. He said that down near the mouth it was people just standing there with their nets in the water, but every now and then they were picking some up.

    He's from Kenai originally, so he's not a newbie at this. He said the reds they did get were absolute hogs, sort of like they were in 2005 when there were millions of extra fish. If they're that big, I'll be happy if I get 20 total.

    Predicting fish run timing and quantities seems to be about as accurate as predicting earthquakes. Two years in a row ADF&G hasn't had a clue on when (last year) or how many (2005), but at least maybe this year they're not looking like they're trying to screw everything up.

    We're going down Friday, only weekday I can go this year, so no matter how bad it is we'll dip till our arms ache. We'll hit our favorite shoreline hotspot and see if it goes off like last year.

    We'll post a report when we get back. Hope you all slam 'em this year!


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