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Thread: Skwentna 180 mishap

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    Default Skwentna 180 mishap

    Anyone know anything about the 180 that went in the Skwentna river yesterday? Engine out and landed on the river with floats, plane ended up upside down in short order as it was at the mercy of the river at that point. Apparently it was just a couple mils upstream of the strip and the roadhouse picked them up in a boat.

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    Saw on FB that pilot and passenger got out and were rescued, saw a video of it upside down in the river.
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    Friend of mine, long time (35+ year) pilot up here. Talked to him this morning, said the engine quit with no warning, no roughness, stumbling, etc. He was returning from the McGrath area after a moose hunt and had topped off the tanks the night before, should not have been a quantity issue unless there was an unnoticed leak or venting going on. They were pretty low when they lost power, sounded like the river was the best spot. After successfully getting it on the water they floated downstream for 10 mins or so. As his buddy stood out on the float trying to get a rope to shore, the pilot made radio calls to keep updating people on their position. Eventually they came around a bend and hit a sweeper, plane jammed in and in a few secs sucked the upstream wing under and rolled the plane. His buddy on the floats got launched into the water and he got sucked under with the plane. Fortunately he was able to swim out and inflate his vest. They were both eventually able to make it to shore and jumped around trying to stay warm until the boats arrived about 10 mins later.

    Super lucky to alive. He said their inflatable float vests and his survival training are what saved him.

    Where did you see the video? Would like to see it having only heard the story.

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    Yeah the weather was not good at the time.. my guess is they were below 300'agl.. not much time. Great outcome plane can be replaced.


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