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    Well I haven't caught a thing in the Kasilof or Kenai since I got here. I am headed back to Anc area and was wondering if anyone has fished ship creek? Are the silvers running there? I need a fish!

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    Default Ship/Bird Creek

    Ship and Bird creek both have some silvers in them; if you just need to catch a few fish and are not going to eat them then stop in at Hope and flog a bunch of pinks; good times to be had by the little buggers.
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    Wade out in the middle of the creek up by the dam at high tide. There are plenty of kings swimming around to be caught and released, if you want. Some silvers too, but not that many right now.

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    Well I was hoping to take something home for the family to eat.....

    Spending a week at the Kenai I thought I could do that....

    I will try my luck at ship and bird before I hop on the plane.


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