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    Question Little Su Questions

    I am planning on floating the Little Su out of Houston the third week of August and was wondering what kind of fishing I might find. I have been told that there may still be a good run of silvers going on with some reds and chums mixed in. Is this accurate and are there any grayling, rainbows, or Dollies in there that time of year? Any recommended flies, lures, baits or techniques would be a great help as well. Thank you in advance for any information you are willing to share.

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    That sounds about right for the salmon. There are trout as well. Drifting salmon eggs has always appeard to be the favored procedure for most of the little su but vibraxes also work. I have had some good results with Eggsucking leeches as well.

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    A number of years ago I floated the Little-Su and used glow-in-the-dark spoons. Couldn't keep the pinks and silvers off the line! Fished at dusk. Can't find the spoons anymore. A lot of states have banned them, not sure about Alaska.

    Little-Su is a fun float and you will have a good time.
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    Smile Thanks

    Anyone else have any input on the little Su the second half of August?


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