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Thread: Fishing Equipment to carry in a cub

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    Looking for advice on rod reel tackle etc to buy to take with in cub to do some fishing when I am not flying or hunting. I am not a huge fisherman, but like to go occassionally and I do prefer to get quality gear that will last.

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    #1; depending on the type of fishing you are doing is going to dictate your gear. You indicated that you were not a huge fisherman so My guess is that you should stick with what you probably already know about fishing and use the basics.

    #2; you want to make sure that your rod(s) are in a holder or suspended from the ceiling becuase they WILL get broken in an airplane (can I get an "Amen" brothers?)

    #3; I would suggest an ultralight spooled with 20# Power Pro and a spare reel with 6# monofilament with an assortment of no.0 to no.4 spinners to cover everything in the smaller-than-a-king range. Grayling, Trout, Silvers and Pike all eat spinners readily and you shoulnd't have any problem hooking up. Personally, I would go the fly route and have a couple of St. Croix fly rods (a 7wt and a 4wt) with comlimenting Ross Reels and the standard fly box filled with wooley buggers and leech patterns with a gang of various colored/sized beads. Hot pink and bright orange streamers for silvers, a bunch of coho flies for the reds and a few mouse patterns for the pike.
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    I'd get a 4-piece 9' fly rod. One spool of floating and one of straight mono line. A small box with an assortment of flies and some yarn. Or you could get a cheap travel spinning rod with some Mepps, Vibrax, and Panther Martin lures. That's a pretty versatile set-up for grayling and rainbows. I bought my wife a cheap (like $19.99) Okuma spinning package at Fred Meyer's. It's a 6' rod with a cheap reel and we fight over who gets to use it. Go figure.

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    Was told there would be greyling near sheep camp and salmon at the second camp area. Never done either, nor any fly fishing. Should be fun to learn though. In Mn I usually use a spinning reel, but no real preference.


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