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Thread: GMU 18 December Moose

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    Since I'm stuck in the Sandbox for this season I have been researching late season hunting opportunities for moose. The options I have so far will be 6 days in the FMA for the thanksgiving hunt or the GMU 18 late season hunt. The FMA is pretty straight forward but my research on GMU 18 is providing conflicting information. I am aware of the no fly area east of Russian Mission, but I was informed that no aircraft can transport hunters after September on any federal lands in gmu 18 which appears to be basically everything. I looked on the site for the YDNWF and the federal subsistence regulations and cannot find that in print. Has anyone heard of this before?
    If in fact it is feasible to get a flight out west to do a hunt the 1st week of Dec I would appreciate any pointers from those who have done a late season moose hunt in western Alaska.

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    You just need a harvest ticket. Fly into St. Mary's and travel to mountain village. It's a 2 moose limit dec1 til March 15

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    What about horseback?


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