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Thread: testing waters on a hunting partner, for a ridiculous float drag...

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    Default testing waters on a hunting partner, for a ridiculous float drag...

    short notice... and what I'd be looking for is a hunting partner that simply wants an adventure, and half a well deserved moose(if we are so fortunate as to get one). The hunt is purposefully ridiculous... 50 miles of rock dodging, dragging, and three portages..(kinda keeps people out)...I'd want to shoot the moose...(one I've had my eye on)... if we harvest simply a meat bull, I'd be ok with another idea.. but tough hunt... great adventure.... good meat. Need a hard shell canoe you don't care gets destroyed... and it will.. and it's my I'd expect you not to show up following years... Alaskan integrity and all...

    I hand pulled 175 fathoms of seine this summer after my hydros blew up, and I guess I have a hernia... doc says I need help. And I'm 59... doc is crazy of course... I may just break down and bone the hind quarters... and go for it. Hate boning the meat... but if it allows me to go... I'll do it.

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    You may want to rethink that..... I got a verbal lashing from my doc when I told him I was out in the PW Sound hunting with a hernia. Seems that if a hernia ruptures and you're out in the middle of nowhere and can't get out, you could die in as little as 24 hours. Up to you of course and I had the hernia for a long time and did plenty of activities with it. But when I was out in the sound it had really started burning and was quite painful at times......not good.
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!

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    yea, thats what doc told me... rupture would be bad... and strangulation as well... if it gets blocked you have 6 hours to get attention.... kinda tough when you are three days in. Missing moose season would kill me as well though, so I dunno... looking at options without the three portages... and quicker access to medical

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    I gave it a shot... paddled in, lined up river 5 miles... camped... felt my intestines slosh in an out of the little hole on my morning hunt. lol Decided, search and rescue had better things to do than come get me doing stupid crap, and paddled out. Next year... severely disappointed... hunt local a bit, halibut, king salmon and spruce chickens. I fished around Montegue all summer, just never got time to go get a deer or two.. Doc told me, just go buy beef... some people just don't get it.

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    Glad to hear that you are ok, many people don't realize the very real danger of what can happen with a hernia. It could have turned into a recovery and not a rescue!
    Semper Fi and God Bless


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