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Thread: Hanging meat in the Tundra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mammoth Hunter View Post
    I've done that. I haul it around on my trailer. two 2x4 legs on each end and two on top tapped together. 550 cord to secure the legs as an X. use 550 cord around top pole and metal S hooks. Hang bags off of that. Only used it once so far but for a moose. We strapped one leg to a tree for stability. Shaved the leg ends so it would stick in the ground easier. Also hung a tarp over it. However this was in the woods no tundra.
    ...........Just used it for a bull caribou also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkmail View Post
    More than a few caribou and a 2x6 becomes necessary for the hanging beam, I suspect a moose would require the same.
    The size wood you use totally depends on length of span and how it is, or isn't, supported.....
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    I reference ours which was a 2x6x10' for a horizontal beam, 2x4x8's for A-frame vertical supports and then each end had ropes/more wood which kept it from racking and collapsing.
    Up to 5 caribou on this contraption.
    A 2x4x10' horizontal beam collapsed and held less.
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