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Thread: Hunting Solo with a partner

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    Default Hunting Solo with a partner

    In light of the Solo Hunt thread I thought I'd start this one with a different spin on it. This is my favorite way to hunt.

    For years hunting in Montana and up here moose hunting I went with a partner but once we got ready to hunt we would split up for the day. Hunt two different stands or two different drainages, etc. but have a rendezvous time and place. I like having a partner along but do not like hunting side by side with one if I don't have too. You double your chances of seeing game, get to move at your own pace, enjoy the solitude, etc. Usually us hunters are looking for one legal critter, sometimes but not too often you spot two at the same time and both guys can get a crack at them. When you spot an animal alone there's no question as to who gets the shot if one presents itself. One guy can be much quieter than two and when you stop moving you don't have to worry that your partner may still be moving and spook the game you just spotted. You can stalk game at your own pace ( or call) and get closer for the thrill of it were as your partner may want to start flinging hail mary shots. But, when you knock one down you can get your partner to help you out and share the experience with someone. Or if you are unsuccessful your partner may have knocked one down and you get share in the joy of his success.

    When hunting like this you need to know how fast your partner moves and how well he will stick to the plan, etc. If he says he's going one way and goes another then you may end up on top of each other and defeat the whole purpose of splitting up.

    The exception here for me was last year sheep hunting in new country on a walk in hunt 20 miles from the truck. We hunted side by side the whole time. It worked out but someday I would like to sheep hunt my old way if the conditions are right.

    Yup, I like hunting solo with a partner. I say it's a win win.
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    That's more or less the way my partnered hunts work too. Excepting the imaginary rendevous point.

    Actually, we normally start out together, and then, at some point during the hunt, part company.

    Knowing he is up there is enough for me. We don't have to spend the whole hunt together. At some point we end up crossing paths again.

    I also like small drives on deer. If you know where your partner is, you can try to push game his way.

    As for who gets the shot when both of us see the game, it never really matters. In fact, I remember one time that a spruce grouse waited for us to quit insisting "it's your turn" to eachother. Death is (almost) guarnateed. The fun stuff is before and after.

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    Thumbs up

    My partners and I usually do the same thing (split up) and then meet up later. It's all depending on what we're hunting though. I like going solo for awhile because then ALL of the decisions that are made out there, are mine. If it pans out and I get an animal, it makes me feel good about my skills, helps build more confidence, and concretes MY theories or MY ideas. If it doesn't pan out, then I learn from it and chalk it up for experience. Sometimes, regardless of what's being hunted, it's just cool to have your buddy(s) around. It's all good no matter how you slice it...
    Oh yah, I totally agree that it is definitely quieter when going solo too...

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    Default only way to go

    That has always been my favorite way of hunting. My dad started taking me hunting with him when I was 8, and by the time I was 12 we had started to split up for at least part of the day.
    Its nice to have someone to share camp with and help with the packing. Its also nice to share meals. But when it comes to the actual hunting, I really do prefer to be on my own.

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    Default Solo All the Way

    I like Solo, everytime I try to get someone to go they back out for some reason. Also not alot of folks can hang, I am a fast paced person, and i like to move. I stop only to glass, i don't eat much either, Detour bars and lots of water keep me going. This year I have all the time I need to hunt, so we'll see what far as bear protection? i carry sidearm (its worth the extra wt.) PLB, and Iridium Phone...To me its more rewarding...Its just you and the Elements!!!!


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