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I can tell you that the processor in Valdez ships in most of it's labor from other countries. A lot of crime comes in with it. They have some kind of housing arrangement for these groups they bring in. They were raided by ICE several years ago and had a lot of their workforce deported due to being here illegally. Supposedly they are on the level now.

Alaskans can't afford to go to Valdez to work due to the cost of housing. You can't find a simple place to rent in Valdez for less than about $1200 per month.

My first real jobs were during my summers in High School at the canneries in Kenai. Back then, you never saw foreign workers. It was all kids, mostly college kids, and we had a 100 people standing outside the door waiting for a foreman to step out and grab the number of workers they needed for that day. Once on the line, you put in 16 hour days, 6 days a week. And we did it all for somewhere around $7.50 per hour, IIRC. And that was good money. These days, it seems like you can't get a high school or college kid to do this kind of work. It's a cultural decline more than anything else. They are unwilling to work. And I just do not understand that. An entire generation of people raised without a work ethic and a lack of moral character. That is the root of most of our problems, and the reason why your fish are being cleaned by Filipinos.
That's a scarily accurate analysis, I'm afraid. I also remember trying, WANTING to work the slime line in Kenai in high school. I never did get hired, but man, I was ready to make that money, live on the beach for a couple of months, and have good money when the season ended.

Nowadays many kids (I won't say all, because I know some driven ones) don't even want to learn to drive, let alone work. It's definitely a weird societal shift.