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Thread: Where are the Reds in Kodiak??

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    Default Where are the Reds in Kodiak??

    Not many making it up the rivers, I have my suspicions, but the net result is the same. An empty bag.

    Would like to hook up with anyone who is getting success.. I will be here till Saturday, minus one more charter day. Have landed two kings and two halibut on charters. Nothing worth bragging about (expen$ive fish!)

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    Default Kodiak Fishing

    There are still reds going up the Bushking River. However, the bulk of the run goes up in June. Your best bet is probably the Saltery River which get the bulk of the fish in July. What river are you fishing? Have you found the spots that typically hold fish like the water pump run below the Bushkin Inn?

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    Default Will give it a try

    I have found some at Passagshack but they are tough. I got my first the other night, but, it wasn't easy. Will try today, again. Thanks for the tip.

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    This is really late for the Kodiak road system, with the exception of Saltery. By mid July you usually expect the reds to be pretty much done or at least outnumbered by the pinks starting up river. Enjoy any you find right now, because it's not a normal year by any means. For future planning, figure on the first three weeks of June for the Buskin and the last week of June and first week of July for Pasagshak, with saltery running most of July. Saltery is getting a slow start this year, but there are lots of jumpers out in the bay, so odds are good that they're late like all the others.

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    The Buskin will produce bright reds through August! Last year due to work I was unable to fish the river till the end of July till the first week in August. I was able to bring two fish home everyday. You just have to put in the time. Yes the pumphouse hole will produce fish and so will many deep pools, especially down river.
    Saltry has been spotty. It has been feest or famine. If you are just up to Kodiak visiting and do not have an atv at your disposal forget about this fishery or pay a guide to take you out on an atv (not recommended with the way the run is going at this time).
    I don't usually fish the Pasagshack but have many friends that have been fishing it this year. Most of thier better fishing has been just after low tide. I would have thought it just the opposite but proof is in the pudding.
    If you only have a couple of day left don't spend all your time chasing reds. Go fish for some dollies. They are thick in the Buskin at this time. It is a great way to have a relaxing time fishing (and catching).

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    Default sagshack reds

    I was there for the incoming tide, the little rats surf the incoming waves into the river and blow by the fisherman!!! I got my limit of two and lost two. So, I am happy. Noticed that some today and last night were missing pieces. Seals??? I used my 8wt Albright and a Tioga reel. First decent size fish I have ever caught on a fly rod. I learned not to keep my left fingers near the reel when the fish is running!!! OUCH!!!

    Next time I am leaving half-3/4 of the gear at home and only bringing a spinner and a fly rod and a few favorite baits, everything/anything else I will get local.

    I did score some nice dollies and a sea louse pink..

    I love this place. Have met some great people and would comeback in a hearbeat.

    Thank you all for the tips.. It is time to send my luggage home and go round up the fish!!


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