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Thread: Care for neoprene snowshoes??????

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    Default Care for neoprene snowshoes??????

    Aside from the wood frame, what type of care do you use for the neoprene webbing?? I know that it is pretty much self sustaining,but what about when the neoprene starts to fray??? Any applications,varnish protect it ???

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    Default Aqua Seal

    Try Aquaseal. Beware that it is slick when wet. When you apply it, throw a little sand in it to give it a little traction.

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    There are also some neoprene specific glues that you could use, but I also like Aquaseal. It's a urethane glue like Shoe Goo, but it doesn't get as hard, and remains very flexible. Tough stuff. You can usually get it at Walmart in their fishing equipment area. Raft companies always stock it, as it's the usual choice for fixing drysuit gaskets and some other repairs. Cotol is the only thinner that works well with it, and mixing them together makes the Aquaseal dry in about 1/3 the time. Otherwise it's very slow.


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