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"If you get to the dock with 52 fish, and you know George got 23 and Ringo got 29, I don't see what cause you would have for getting a ticket (assuming tails clipped, fish recorded, Ringo's limit is at least 29, etc.)"

It's Paul's fault -- the sneaky little bugger ratted you out.

Actually on a slightly different scenario, I have a place in the area and just get on y 4 wheeler and go down to he mouth with it. If the fish are there I fish, if not I come back and do something else for a while, then try again. If I get one or two per trip, that can mess things up on the tally if I fill out my ticket before leaving the immediate area, as required. I asked a Fish Trooper an she told me I could just put the numbers caught off to the side of my permit by the date until finished for the day and when done coming down for that day I could then fill in the total. HOWEVER, I would not advise anyone else to do that as each Trooper, as noted, may interpret it differently and you could wind up explaining it t a judge. Seems like a sensible solution to me, but you just never know.

There is also the chance that the ticketing Trooper above had been harassed earlier and although they are supposed be immune to that , they are still human and he just over reacted when they didn't even know how many fish they had when docking. No one likes to be accused of being a Fish Nazi, or worse, and you should at least know how many fish are in your boat, but here I am second guessing what really went on from what is reported here.
So here is another solution....get your card online and print multiple copies so when you run out of lines on one, you can start another.